Sing Classes


Musical Theatre

Musical Theatre classes combine training in singing, dancing and acting.  The focus is on learning to work as an ensemble through choral singing, scene work and dance choreography.  Students will acquire knowledge about vocal health as well as rudiments of acting on a stage.  These classes help build confidence and teamwork skills.  Students will work towards a final production for family and friends.

6-8 years

This class is an introduction to singing, dancing and acting.  Students will explore the world of musical theatre through creative movement and using their voice to express emotions and tell a story.

9-12 years

Students will learn the basics of singing and dancing and how they serve to tell a story. They will begin to understand how to perform as a “triple-threat” and, discover the nuances of characters and how they interact as they work with the music, choreography and text of a specific script.

Sing and Dance (4&5 years)

Students will learn basic singing techniques and apply these to songs.  Types of songs include age appropriate from various musicals and Disney movies. Students will also learn basic dance moves in a fun and encouraging way through games and movement to our songs.

Glee Club   

Glee Club combines choral singing and dance routines set to today’s popular songs.  Students will learn proper vocal technique and how to sing as part of an ensemble.  Throughout the session students will prepare numbers to showcase for friends and family during a final presentation.