Our Classes


Dance classes teach students about self-expression through movement, personal discipline and exploration.  Participants will improve their coordination, spatial awareness, technique, and musicality.  Attending dance classes will teach individuals the importance of confidence and teamwork. Dancers will have the opportunity to channel their energy in a positive way.


Pre-School Dance: Ages 2.5-3

This class encourages free expression while teaching elements of dance such as; body and spatial awareness, movement quality and rhythm.


Parent and Me Dance: Ages 2-3

This class is similar to Pre-School Dance, but is designed for little ones who prefer their parent to join them in dance class.  Each dancer should have one parent accompanying and participating with them.


Ballet/Tap or Ballet/Jazz

This class focuses on creative movement and introduces children to basic dance techniques while creating a fun and positive environment.  Students learn ballet for the half the class and either jazz or tap for the other.



Focuses on overall body alignment and awareness with emphasis on proper usage of feet and legs and execution of turnout.  It includes barre work, centre work and combinations.



An upbeat dance form which uses techniques of ballet, while adding flare and funk.  Jazz involves bold, dramatic movements.  These classes mostly use pop and R&B music.



Tap uses the dancer’s feet as a percussion instrument to create a variety of different rhythms.  This class challenges their listening, coordination and memory skills.



Contemporary is a mix of ballet, modern and jazz.  Students learn to express lyrics of the music through movement and emotions, while improving flexibility, coordination and strength.


Hip Hop

A high-energy dance class that is very popular with today’s youth.  It uses the latest sounds in rap, R&B and pop music together with movements influenced by some of today’s hottest video choreographers.  Younger classes include playing dance games while teaching basic moves.  These classes still dance to popular music, just the clean versions.


Competitive Only Classes

Jazz Technique

This class concentrates on the fundamentals of Jazz using flexibility and proper technique. With stretching and exercises down the floor, this class will teach and improve the technique of the dancer. Specifically working on proper body placement, jumps, and turns.



Conditioning class is for developing strength and flexibility.  It is aimed to develop stronger dancers who can better reach their full potential physically. Jump higher, reach further, hold stronger and build performance stamina!


Adult Classes (ages 18 and up)

Hip Hop  

This class focuses on teaching basic hip hop movements and providing an upbeat environment that incorporates fitness.  No previous dance experience required.

Ballet Barre/Conditioning and Core

A ballet workout for adults that incorporates simple ballet moves, and provides muscle toning, strengthening and cardiovascular exercise.  No previous dance experience required.



Glee Club   

Glee Club combines choral singing and dance routines set to today’s popular songs.  Students will learn proper vocal technique and how to sing as part of an ensemble.  Throughout the session students will prepare numbers to showcase for friends and family during a final presentation.


Musical Theatre

Musical Theatre classes combine training in singing, dancing and acting.  The focus is on learning to work as an ensemble through choral singing, scene work and dance choreography.  Students will acquire knowledge about vocal health as well as rudiments of acting on a stage.  These classes help build confidence and teamwork skills.  Students will work towards a final production for family and friends.


6-7 years

This class is an introduction to singing, dancing and acting.  Students will explore the world of musical theatre through creative movement and using their voice to express emotions and tell a story.


8-10 years (Beginner)

Students will learn the basics of singing and dancing and how they serve to tell a story. They will be assigned text, music and choreography from musicals to create their own original cabaret.


10-12 years (Intermediate, some experience required)

In this course, students will further develop their skills in singing and dancing with more advanced warm ups and exercises. Students will begin to understand how to perform as a “triple-threat” and, discover the nuances of characters and how they interact as they work with the music, choreography and text of a specific script.






These courses are designed for the student who wishes to begin to develop the specific skills it takes to be an actor and to create. We will begin to challenge their minds and creative problem solving skills. An extra emphasis will be placed on teaching students how to work as an ensemble.


PLAY, on Stage (Ages 9-14)

Taking a play from the page to the stage. In this course, students will continue their development as an actor through work on a specific play. With focus on an assigned text, students will begin to discover the nuances of characters and how they interact. The script will be developed for presentation at the end of the semester.

Improv! (Ages 9-14)

Getting over the fear!  Through games, exercises and scenarios, students will learn the basics of improvisation: how to think on your feet, how to communicate quickly and clearly and, how to give and take with fellow actors. This is a great exercise in respect, teamwork and, self-esteem.


Acting for Film (Ages 15-17)

Have you ever wanted to act on film & TV?  This introductory course teaches students the foundations of acting for film and television. Students will focus on ensemble work, scene work, and monologue study.  Practical experience will be gained by practicing audition techniques, learning what to expect on set, and receiving an introduction to the business of acting.  Students will learn to create characters, explore acting intention, and experience text on a new level.  This course will help to build confidence for performance and everyday life!