Act Classes


These courses are designed for the student who wishes to begin to develop the specific skills it takes to be an actor and to create. We will begin to challenge their minds and creative problem solving skills. An extra emphasis will be placed on teaching students how to work as an ensemble.


PLAY, on Stage (Ages 9-14)

Taking a play from the page to the stage. In this course, students will continue their development as an actor through work on a specific play. With focus on an assigned text, students will begin to discover the nuances of characters and how they interact. The script will be developed for presentation at the end of the semester.

Improv! Ages (9-14)

Getting over the fear! Through games, exercises and scenarios, students will learn the basics of improvisation: how to think on your feet, how to communicate quickly and clearly and, how to give and take with fellow actors. This is a great exercise in respect, teamwork and, self-esteem.


Acting for Film (Ages 15-17)

Have you ever wanted to act on film & TV?  This introductory course teaches students the foundations of acting for film and television. Students will focus on ensemble work, scene work, and monologue study.  Practical experience will be gained by practicing audition techniques, learning what to expect on set, and receiving an introduction to the business of acting.  Students will learn to create characters, explore acting intention, and experience text on a new level.  This course will help to build confidence for performance and everyday life!