COVID-19 Protocol

Selina’s Studio – Covid Safety Measures

  • Reduced class sizes
  • Designated area for each student to dance, sing or act
  • 60” by 60” square outlines with centres 10 feet apart
  • Designated individual space for stored belongings – 6 feet apart
  • Staggered class times to allow staff to disinfect studios and to avoid crowding (please do not enter the building until a few minutes before class)
  • Masks required upon entering the building. May be removed for water breaks or other breaks as required during class.  Appropriate distancing must be maintained at all times
  • Hand sanitization station upon entering the building
  • Only students and staff will be permitted to enter the studio. Younger students 6 and under may be escorted to class by one parent as necessary.  Parents please remain outside until after class (practicing appropriate social distancing) and we will make sure your child comes to you.
  • If a student shows any symptoms of covid while in class, a parent will be called to pick them up. A staff member will bring them to a separate room and supervise them until picked up.  Please call when you arrive and we will bring your child out to you. 
  • Washrooms will be available for emergencies only. Please go to the bathroom before coming to the studio.