I’ve been meaning to email since the recital to congratulate you on the incredibly smart way you ran the performances. Splitting up the kids into smaller performing groups was brilliant. We were really impressed. Eve loved the Acting class and we’re thinking she might try Glee Club as well next fall.
Best, Allison

The children loved the classes and will definitely be back. I see so much value in the classes in terms of their self confidence. It has helped them grow in so many ways. The teachers working there are amazing.

Thank you for helping Cameron find her stage voice. She had a hard time projecting before this class and now she can.



“Please accept this small token of our appreciation. Natalie speaks of you often. She mentions that she really likes dancing and singing with you. Both my husband and I think you have a special gift with kids. Please continue!!!”
“All the Best” – Summer 2011

“Grace has really enjoyed having you as a teacher these past few weeks and she looks forward to spending the summer with you.”
“Thank you” – June 2013

“Thanks so much for all the care that you provided for Jessica this past year. It is comforting to know she is in such good hands! Next…Chelsea! ☺”
“Thank you” – June 2013

“Thank you for always sharing positive daily happenings when you have spent time with Preston. It certainly is nice to hear that they have fun and grow at the same time. ☺”
“All our very best” – June 2013